Altitude Logistics Group has its own customs department, with customs brokers duly authorized by Customs National Administration, with computer terminals permanently connected to Sistema Informático María (SIM).

This allows us to completely handle all activities related to Customs in imports and exports, with the following services:

  • Goods study and classification by HS Code.
  • Automatic and non-automatic licences load, presentation and follow-up.
  • Authorization processing from government agencies and business associations.
  • Customs clearance confection and handling.
  • Nationalization of good budget.
  • Temporary imports and exports.
  • Free zone Buenos Aires / Montevideo.
  • Goods insurance
  • Admission control and shipment status.
  • Review of goods in bad condition.
  • Management of exports refund.
  • Unaccompanied luggage.
  • Packages opening for content checking.
  • Origin certificates.