Altitude Logistics Group can offer you a wide range of services for documentation and goods shipments vía Courier, thanks to agreements made with the best suppliers. Door to door services worldwide, special packing, certificates, comex advice and air waybill filling are some of the advantages our client have.

Standard Mail
Door to door delivery for letters and non-urgent documentation.

Courier service for important documentation which require, due to its importance, a particular logistic solution, being able to manage specific day or hour delivery.

A worldwide service door to door for documents, letters and packages, through Courier system. Goods must be less than 50kg (GW), less than USD 1000.00 in FOB Value and dims for each bulk should be less than 1,00 x 1,00 x 1,00 mts.

We can include on this service all items that due to its caracteristics (weight, value, quantity or volumen) do not require the intervention of any other agent when shipped.

All shipment must have a comercial or proforma invoice by the recollection or delivery to our offices.

  • We have the best transit time.
  • We are able to collect shipment from any city in Argentina.
  • Particular Account Executive and Customer Service operators.
  • Several options in priority services.
  • AWB printing and shipment tracking.
  • Personalized attention.

Altitude Logistics Group has a highly trained staff to assist you and, together, coordinate a quick, reliable and personalized shipment.